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3 Year Reflections

I have nothing but the highest regard for HomeLA and what it has done for our community.

Vic Marks, J.B. Merrill House in Mount Washington


homeLA has truly changed the landscape of dancing/performing in LA. I am so grateful to have been a part of it both performing and witnessing.

Christine Suarez, Pacific Palisades



"It came unexpectedly and I had not planned for the impact it had upon my being. To witness unknown bodies reacting to an unfamiliar space-to see them speak, move, or exist in this space was exciting. It was full of magic, full of possibilities and the chance to see one and oneself to go beyond their familiar. The first three years have just been building blocks to all the ways in which a story can be told. In these next three years I have no doubt HomeLA will stretch itself into new spaces--spaces they had not been aware possible-it will dig itself into uncomfortable and forgotten spaces and continue to show us just what it means to BE."

Constance Strickland, Frogtown at the Women's Center for Creative Work


HomeLA is such an important creative staple in this city and it will only continue to grow. 

Stephanie Zaletel, szalt, Lynn + Cary's in Angelino Heights


Loved it loved it loved it. Would host again.

 Brian Felsen, host in San Marino


Combining site-sensitive dance with salon-style performance, homeLA seeks to promote a dialogue between artists and audiences about performance, private space, and Los Angeles' particular landscape.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a future homeLA event.