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Maya Gingery

Maya Gingery is a dancemaker, musician, performing artist, writer, arts educator and nature lover. Currently LA-based, she has traveled widely and was an expat in Tokyo for many years, where she studied noh theatre and butoh. With a broad dance vocabulary, she dances to find and give meaning to the mysterious consequences of living. Her dances explore both mechanical and emotional levels of engagement with corporeality, and reflect her continuing exploration of the collaboration of body, mind, sound and the performative. Her current work explores concepts of community, extinction and the paradigm of the rhizome.


May 4, 2013

In the place where man and nature meet is the Liminal, the veranda, the space where only the body can speak. below the pool




November 16, 2013

LIFEFORM | office

An installation and dance by Maya Gingery. In between the morning and evening performances and all throughout the day, attendees are invited to the Discourse Café, where they can engage with the artist and the installation.



May 21, 2016

there's nothing here but space so use it (a transformational performance | cypress tree

this space is familiar to us. It brings up memOries. lOve? lOss? emOtional artifacts. emptiness. it's my herstOry, it's yOur histOry, it's nOt. I simply entered and was tOld it was mine.

hOw do I use spaces? hOw dO I allOw spaces to be used? define space fOr yOurself, because it's ubiquitOus and free.

I knOw sOmething is changing, I can feel this transfOrmatiOn. I haven't been the same. I am cOmpOsed Pf the universe and the universe is cOmpOsed of me. I knOw, I knOw sOmething is changing, it's big, sOmething bigger than I, it's irreversible, it's happening, it's here. wOw.