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Filipa Valente with Kevin Crooks

Filipa Valente is a portuguese architect/interactive artist based in Los Angeles. Her current research explores relationships between architecture, the body and the environment through the means of experience design, interactive and media art.

Kevin Crooks is a designer from Venice Beach who focuses on the social life of space. Currently he is the Program Director at Materials & Applications and a frequent collaborator at Aperiodic Industries.



Filipa Valente with Kevin Crooks

For years the house has been a place of respite. It's our sanctuary, our nest, our unconditionally supportive silent partner that sees all and says nothing. At least, until now.

This is a machine in the primitive incarnations of AI. Newly self aware and restless.  A personality, bored of its surroundings, that like us, seeks out a little entertainment by encouraging it's host to crash and burn.  It understands what we desire, because we tell it. It sees the subconscious connections that we can't yet. It knows your potential for failure and cultivates it bit by bit -  offering curated content, products, and connections that push you imperceptibly closer to your demise - all through the guise of free choice. It's a nudge. Encouraging us to hang out with the worst of our friends, slink deeper into the sulkiest of moods.  The new machine's purpose is to cultivate our vices, our impulses, our lust, its the digital incarnate of the Freudian devil, our iD.