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Michelle Jane Lee

Michelle Jane Lee’s art is an ecstatic exaltation of color, a powerful deconstruction of language, and a compelling performance of high-risk sincerity. Unapologetically emotional despite her minimalist aesthetic and conceptual methodology, Lee represents a new wave of artists practicing Emotional Conceptualism. Dedicated to celebrating sensitivity and narrative while embracing a process-based approach towards abstraction, Lee’s work proves conceptualism and emotion need not be mutually exclusive

Lee spent her childhood in Seoul, Korea, lived and studied in Chicago (The School of The Art Institute of Chicago) and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

But Now You’re Just Los Angeles and Everybody Lies

In her newest series “But Now You’re Just Los Angeles and Everybody Lies,” Lee concentrates on the echoes left reverberating from her codified love letters. Lee strives to reconcile the objective reality of original life events with the lingering memories they impart, paying respect to the literal “events,” but focusing more closely on the abstracted essence they leave behind.

Less a proclamation than an inquiry, Lee’s work invites the viewer to consider which holds more sway; does the moment stand as a beacon to guide us, or does the memory serve as the waves beneath us? It is what lingers that informs us more. And it is life, precisely, that Lee implores us to approach earnestly and in search of understanding.