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Process Record (Blog)

This Space

I don't know. Maybe it's me, but time and space seem different now, as if someone else is making the rules. At another iteration of homeLA I was caged in a house, in a room with a skylight and a glass door. The first perforrmance was at sunrise, which was a strangely satisfying experience, and the second at sunset, a very different vibe. But I wasn't satisfied with the results of this experiment, so I found myself drawn to another cage this time, a forgotten corner garden outside Asuka's house. I began to play with it right away, transforming it into a space for me to work. A performance/dance/theatre began to form inside it. At the same time, I'll be outside, under a formidable tree and the infinite sky, but to see my performance the audience will have to be inside the house. I've conceived it as a little theatre framed by a glass door. Those who linger outside will be backstage, so to speak.

I have a few things to say about this piece, this event, this community. First, I truly feel and sense and witness a symbiosis with all the works, all the artists involved, so I don't feel the need to say it again. As you wander through the rooms, witnessing the performances, keep this in mind. Also, so many life-altering, earth-shaking, cathartic events came to me in the last year, and they are all part of the expression that you will witness in this performance. I changed and was changed. So I think transformation is the major theme, though within the idea of change are so many moving parts. smiley face.

There is something of the political in it as well. A feeling that something big is happening, something irreversible. And it's hopeful, not apocalyptic. (sorry, conspiracy theorists) I have been exploring butoh for at least 30 years and that is part of it too. Hijikata was a wild genius and he was one-of-a-kind. But the essence of what I perceive as his real message, that no one can own us, has stayed with me and become part of me. It's a hard nut to crack though, isn't it?

Maya Gingery Cell: 818-388-0513