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Process Record (Blog)

Zac Monday on the Role of the Mystic in a Community of Artists

Rebecca Bruno

As a Mystic to the community of Artists, the best I can do is guide and validate! Artists, like Mystics can feel as an outsider, yet their role in the community is indeed vital! The Mystic sees the importance of the Artist so well, all the Mystic can do is congratulate and inform the Artists whose path differs from all else!

Each Artist must follow their intuition to make a success or unsuccess of life! It is the richest gamble one can take! As part of the home experience, I plan on giving out readings to consult Artist, and making some of my herbals teas in the kitchen that day! The point is to validate and inspire the Artist to endure! To make sense of their surreal vision- and to give agency to their outlier sense of self!

It is the Mystics job to have the Artist fully understand their potentials and placement within Mysticism and their community! Every Artist is a Mystic! Every artist channels something unknown! Maybe we can shed light on this with home! In a home!