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Process Record (Blog)

VESSEL for the memory of movement - Rebecca Bruno

Rebecca Bruno

VESSEL is a dance work made in response to the Neutra VDL House upstairs kitchen. The work investigates the ideal of permanence in dance and the experience of movement as symbolic language through material processing.

A two-channel video is installed in the elevated window sills of the kitchen. One video frames two hands on the adjoining living room carpet articulating Dione Neutra’s ceramic vessel collection (currently existing in the kitchen) as well as imagined vessels for the space. The second video depicts one hand pressing against layers of tracings extracted from the dance in the first video. Above Neutra’s ceramic collection sit a series of oak sculptures cut to the size and shape of the tracings depicted in the second video. Through an extraction sequence from dance to video to tracings to wooden forms, these nearly hieroglyphic forms act as an attempt at communicating something before or between words; something past yet palpable, something under the tongue while legible. These vessels, the distilled wooden objects, serve as abstract containers carrying the memory of movement.

Thank you for reading! 

I hope to share this event with you. The process has been reflective and illuminating while so many exceptional artists have been working side by side in this landmark home.

video still

video still

photo credit: Andrew Mandinach

photo credit: Andrew Mandinach