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Process Record (Blog)

PASSAGES // Rebecca Bruno

Rebecca Bruno

video still by Delaram Pourábdi

video still by Delaram Pourábdi

When Jenny Landers, co-owner of the Sowden House with Dan Goldfarb, reached out to me via homeLA (thanks to Anna Milone of the FLAX Foundation), I began to feel the vast layers present in and around the home. It is possible to approach the site architecturally, materially, conceptually, sculpturally, historically, mythically, and still the home may feel elusive and mysterious. Its presence circulates wind, ideas, people, and time between two colossal passages. These portals suggest the passing of things and stand at the center of how homeLA is partnering with the Sowden House.

Both images in this post are stills from a video shot by Delaram Pourábdi of PARADEUX. Together, Delaram and I imagined a process that would allow each of us to respond spontaneously to the cyclical nature of the home. My grandmother had recently passed when we began this conversation and I had inherited a large number of her shoulder pads. Ada had sewn clips to each round pad and to the interiors of her blouses in order that she may choose when and when not to raise the height of her frame. By sewing these pieces together, I had incidentally built a material partner, a soft sculpture that would enter parts of the short film, PASSAGES.

video still: Delaram Pourábdi

video still: Delaram Pourábdi