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Process Record (Blog)

WEFT // Rebecca Bruno with Flora Wiegmann, Lynn Ellen Bathke, and Sam Widaman

Rebecca Bruno

In weaving, weft is thread that passes over and under warp threads. To make a textile, the weft thread moves along the length of a loom passing repeatedly back and forth. The transverse weft could be one long thread or many different threads. In WEFT, a performance that will occur during PASSAGES at the Sowden House on Janurary 12 and 13, Flora Wiegmann and I will dance through the home’s interior, weaving a number of inspirations over and under the architectural time warp of the home.

future costumes: Lynn Ellen Bathke

future music: Sam Widaman

wikipedia on warp and weft

wikipedia on warp and weft

rehearsal photo credit: Andrew Mandinach

rehearsal photo credit: Andrew Mandinach