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Process Record (Blog)

earth absorbs water // Emily Marchand

Rebecca Bruno

Walking into the Sowden house one passes into another world. Removed from the streets, the house sits above the city in its own dimension. While the house maintains a grandiosity and commitment to Mayan Revival architecture, I explored the space through the lens of classical elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Following an enclosed labyrinthine passageway, the main space expands into an open air courtyard stretched out with an elongated pool. Flanked on either end of the courtyard are two welded sculptures that breathe fire straight into the sky. Doors and windows become one here, every entryway open to pass through and let the air flow. The cast concrete blocks loom over the house with a not just a physical sense of gravity, but a weight that tugs at the spirit. This combination of elements commands the household and makes one consider how the space has been primarily used for social gatherings over the decades. The uniqueness of the space has allowed for many different types of events throughout the years, and it remains a place that many artists still want to exhibit in. Considering all this, the most essential element of the Sowden House is people, built into the architecture are the innate movements of people gathering and engaging with the art and flow of the structure. It is here the house breathes with life.