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Process Record (Blog)

The Corridor Between // Odeya Nini

Rebecca Bruno

When I first came to the Sowden House I was amazed. I was especially taken by the stairwell as it somehow reminded me of the old city of Jerusalem. My family lives in Israel and there was a time during the Jewish high holidays several years ago where I found myself wandering around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at 1am almost entirely alone. The only person I saw was a long haired man draped in a flowy garment resting in the corner. There was something so fatigued about him, as if he had been sitting there for a thousand years. I could also feel the vibration of this man’s desire to be in a time and place that he can only imagine. I could feel him wanting to be transported to a different era, a different existence.

When I walked through this stairwell for the first time I immediately was reminded of that image and experience I had. I had a feeling of wanting to sit in the corner between the two corridors and maybe if I sat long enough I would know all that happened in this space, maybe I would be transported and become a part of something I could never see but would begin to feel. 

Being a mother, I often think of the miracle of life and wonder if I stare at my child long enough, if I hold him long enough, would I be able to be part of him more deeply? I wonder if I would be able to be that much closer to a time before time, before I had a name, a time of pure sensation and connection to something greater. 

In this piece I am trying to capture the feeling of a passageway to a place unknown but only imagined, and will let my presence connect me more with the possibility of being a being in that space.  I feel the stairwell like a meditation chamber and a kind of birth canal, there is stillness and there is flow. My voice and body will carry through and connect those emotions, past and present, through abstract song, sound, touch and light.