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Process Record (Blog)

Description of my piece for a potential performer

This piece is about helping the audience to see the house and its environs, about providing moments of disjunction that function as seeds for further thought, and to entertain and intrigue. It is made up a number of smaller pieces, the total number to be determined by the constraints of time, space and energy. The longest small piece will be about 10 to 15 minutes long and will take place in the front yard. The first iteration will be before the doors open and then we repeat at an interval yet to be determined. While I hope it will develop, in my mind it now starts with the performers coming out of the front door with brooms (and perhaps gardening implements if I end up with four or five performers). The piece starts with sweeping and gardening. From time to time the various performers will stop in predetermined positions. Eventually they will drop the tools and begin dancing based on Simone Forti's dancing the space exercise (with minimal arms). Eventually “Mockin' Bird Hill” by Les Paul and Mary Ford will start playing and the men will dance with each other (and perhaps a broom). At the end of the music they will sweep their way back into the house. Other smaller pieces: I am thinking of having voice overs on the back stairs and in the office and from time to time having various performers be in the spaces as an installation. I am still hoping I can fill the room with the fireplace with performers for up to five minutes (dancing the space with maximum arms), maybe once an hour. Need to work this out with Zac. I will go into the kitchen by myself from time to time and read recipes to Emily who will be cooking. I haven't quite given up the idea of a parade (with brooms and the lids of pots and pans for noise) in the backyard. I am leaning toward performing the piece in the front more frequently, maybe twice an hour (need to work this out with Maya) and if so everything else might go by the wayside except for reading recipes to Emily from time to time. I really want to do that.