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Process Record (Blog)

I Love the House

  • *The 15th homeLA and my second as a performer. It's a great house but no story is coming. In my first homeLA at the end of my first visit I had the rough outline of what I wanted to do. In this house, I am in love with certain spaces. The back stairs are wonderful. Standing at the bottom, I can't see what is beyond the top step. I want to climb the steps, sit on the steps, play a Russian children's game on the steps, recreate a piece I did in Yekaterinaburg, Russia in 2010, or maybe just be on the stairs doing nothing. And then there is the rest of the house. There is a butler's pantry similar to the one in the mansion in Jamestown, New York where my Great Aunt Esther was the cook. There is a small room with a fireplace with just enough floor space to dance if the audience stays out of the room and looks in through the doorways. I am attracted to small spaces where only a few people at a time can see in. Only about four people at a time can look at the back stairs. How to handle the logistics. I thought I was going to do a solo but now I see the small spaces with three or four people in it. Maybe there will be a parade. And the kitchen. I want people to walk through the kitchen while we are chanting poems about food or maybe reading recipes. I want to put up poetry fragments on the stairs, on the backs of cupboard doors, anywhere and everywhere. I am thinking of using brooms. I have way too many ideas. I love the house. Terrence Luke Johnson