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Process Record (Blog)

Space, Place

Who would have the audacity to mail themselves to freedom? How could a person have the courage to put their body on the line for the right to claim their place at the table of humanity?

I was told about the true story of Henry B. Brown. The 'B' stands for box. He mailed himself in a 3' x 2' box from Richmond, VA to Philadelphia, PA. Once the abolitionists opened the box, Henry sang a song. He went from being a commodity to changing the narrative his experience by retelling his story and inspiring hope and change.

I am paying Henry "Box" Brown, and others who courageously strive for freedom, homage in this work. I seek not to literalize nor trivialize his story. I am using his story as a catalyst to continue exploring how movement, space and intention can translate to freedom for my body, mind and spirit.

-- Bernard J. Brown 323-875-2201 MFA Candidate, Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance, UCLA BFA, Dance, SUNY Purchase Dance Artist, Teacher and Choreographer

"Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit." - Bern Williams