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Wilfried Souly

Wilfried Souly is a choreographer, dancer, drummer and Taekwondo expert, originally from West Africa. In September 2000, he co-founded “Compagnie Tâ” which also collaborated with an association of visual artists on Genies de la Bastille, Paris. Willy has collaborated and performed in Space i Tiempo, choreographed by Robert Battle (USA) and Gerardo Delgado (Mexico) and Dole Danle, with the French Hip Hop Company E.Go. Willy has collaborated with Maria Gillespie (Exquisite Corps 2010), Victoria Marks, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre Company and Viver Brasil Dance Company. In 2014, his solo “Saana/The foreigner” premiered at the Redcat NOW Festival and the Ethna Negria Celebration at Teatro Balboa May 2015. In 2016 he created On Becoming, a quest for identity, at NOW Festival. In October 2016 his last two works Tekre (Evolution) and Maam/Me were presented at the festival Africa in America at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre.