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Cudayh // Oct.4.2015

Elephant Hill is an expansive area comprised of 40 acres of desert land in East Los Angeles. After many years of battling developers, in 2009, council member Jose Huizar secured the future of the hill by beginning the process of designating it as an open space.  Twenty acres of the space have been purchased and are now allocated as public lands.  The remaining twenty acres are privately owned and still available for purchase.

Cudayh is an artist run platform that is collaborating with an Elephant Hill property owner who has purchased land in hopes of accelerating the hills full designation as open space.  


For this iteration of homeLA there will be only the foundation of a home among 35 acres of rolling desert hills. The site, Cudayh, is an outdoor gallery space run by visual artists Frankie Carino and Vanessa Kowalski. The show will take place at sunset. 

From the premise of working in an open, "empty" space, guest curator, Nickels Sunshine, would like to emphasize the missing presence of home by inviting artists to bring the ghost of a performance, resurrected and adapted for a hillside at dusk. Or, approach a new project with the memory or dream of home in its clutch. 

Guest Curator:

Nickels Sunshine


Frankie Carino and Vanessa Kowalski , Cudayh


Kevin Williamson // Peter Hernandez // Milka Djordjevich // Rikki Rothenberg // 

Julia Kouneski // Bernard Brown // Ben Boatright

from rehearsal: